Love can be the most wonderful experience we can have in life. Love is a purpose of life itself when we are too busy trying to look for one. Love shapes us and defines who we are. The more we love, the better we can look at ourselves, at other people and at the world around us. Love can give us wonderful moments in life and we should cherish them as they are precious moments. In love, there are so many ways we can cherish it in our lives. We just need to be open and let love do the work.

Most of the times, we can be very preoccupied with the things in our lives: our jobs, paying bills, raising our kids, managing the house and other things that keep us busy. We think too much of these things that we fail to see love in everything around us. Love is very much evident around us. We see or feel love very so often that we get too used to it and take it for granted. We are the fruits of the love our parents shared. We have grown up to be who we are today because of the love and nurture of our parents. We are earning a living now because we love ourselves, and we need to live through the day. We are happy today because of our loved ones and because we feel their love. We may be earning more now because we love our jobs and we stick to it and choose to do it conscientiously.

There are so many manifestations and evidences of love around us. We need to appreciate them and cherish them because we are fortunate and blessed to be alive and feel love. The best way of cherishing love is not to keep it but to give it. It doesn’t necessarily mean that we give love back to the people who love us or those who have shown us love. We need to give love to anyone and everyone we meet or encounter in life. Love is a free and limitless resource. It should be given to everyone and should not be deprived from anyone. There is so much we can do with love. We just need to be open in heart and mind about giving love and be aware of our surroundings. There can be people who need more love than others and we may need love from others as well. We have to be always ready to accept love from anyone and to give love to everyone.

We should not forget the greatest love we are receiving: the love from God. God loves us so much that He created us in His own image, only banished us from paradise when eating the forbidden fruit would have meant death, and most of all, He gave us His only Son, Jesus Christ, to pay our spiritual debt and our sins so that we may have the opportunity to be reunited with Him again in His kingdom. The magnitude of such love should all the more inspire us to live more lovingly and have no conditions in loving. God did not exempt anyone from His love and so should we when we love. Thus, in order to cherish our wonderful moments of love, we need to give love back not only to the ones who love us, but to every person we meet.

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