A True Test of Love

Most people are told to believe in something other than themselves, in a higher power.  That is someone thinking for you other than yourself. However,  I do not believe in one lone Jesus deity.  The highest power is self, self recognition to think and experience life for yourself and not by others.

Author Edna Stewart

A True test of love means our hearts learn to beat its own vibration of love. The heart is the true message in a bottle.  It bobs in the ocean of conscious and unconscious human emotions. The events in life test the human love of self and love of other people.   The many grains of sand represent our emotions.   The ocean waves are the tests of emotions.  It crashes into the sand.  Overtime, it releases and washes the grains of sand from the past, only to receive the new.

When we become conscious, we realize the clarity of a situation.   The space in the human heart empties itself. The old self is washed out into the conscious turbulent waters.  for a moment, our illusions are stripped away.  Then, we feel a void.   The new waves of unconsciousness come in.  It fills the void deep in the heart of the inner soul.   It is the new future and all the possibilities of true love.  The newness feels tight, uncomfortable and with boundaries that fit the individual’s human heart and life purpose.  Now, we are frightened.  In that instant, we try to capture our old self, old emotions, and our old comfort zone.

Then, we fight with all our might against the new.  It ripples the currents of new highs and news lows of deep emotions and exposes the true inner feelings, and the real you.   The more we fight it, the more we drown in our own numbness. Then, we to move blindly through life, only to be seen as faded glimpses of the sunlight and moonlight. We move slow and alone immersed in our old thoughts and echoes of old voices.  Our own ego fights within us.   We choose not to face, not feel, love ourselves nor love others. Then, we blame ourselves, others, and our excuses.  They are the seashells on the shore that echo the ocean of past emotions.  Then, I must choose to leave my own ego of self imprisonment: Do I live or lived?  Now, we see the true live and lived is within us.  Now, we see the illusion of our own mask.

How should we face the true test of love?  We should be still in quietness for just a moment to feel the chills of fright in the mist of the echoes of our ego (who says you can’t), other voices.  We should embrace the fear by emitting vibrations of truth- acknowledge what is within and what is outward.  What can I change, and what I cannot change.  Feel the anger and let it open up our nerves to feel again- it awakens your body and soul, and then, accepts the rush of warmth, the calmness of true love, to cover your whole body and soul.  This is the body and souls true calming medicine.  The human body is water. Water flows like a calm waterfall pouring into the river below.  It graces stepping stones; it feeds the moss and plants, and basks brightly in the sun and moonlight.  People who have been tested with the test of true love, emit a fragrance were every human being is drawn to it to drink the refreshing nourishment of true love and acceptance, the true test of time.  Once a human establishes its true self, nothing and not no one can take that fragrance away.  The true test of love is learning to love and expose the true self and not the imitation of others.


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