There is one famous adage that regards variety as the spice of life. It is indeed true, and not just in life but also in relationships. The course and length of any relationship depends on how the parties involved are actively doing their part in taking steps to make the relationship work. There is no lasting formula in making a relationship last. All things must undergo change, whether they are tangible or intangible things such as relationships. If we choose to stay comfortably on a certain level in our relationships and not move on from that spot, chances are we may get left behind.

The concept of variety may mean different things in a relationship, but they are all related to change. We know for a fact that establishing relationships is a hard task. In addition, maintaining and keeping that relationship can be harder. However, if we open our mind and hearts to changes around us, we can manage the course of our relationships wonderfully.

We all know or may have an idea that communication is an important key to any relationship. By communicating with each other, we become aware of what our partner or companion feels, what they need and vice versa. Communication isn’t just talking to each other, but also listening and being attuned to each other’s thoughts and feelings. Thus, mere talks are not enough in a relationship. There are many ways we can improve and take communication to the next level. We can go old school and send our loved ones post cards, post-it notes or simple scribbled notes that tell how we feel about them or about things in our relationship. Giving our loved ones presents and gifts is another way of appreciating them and thus is a form of communication. Touches and caresses, even the non-sexual type, can be a form of communication. It can be a physical affirmation to them and can also give them a feeling of security and assurance even if no words accompany those touches.

We should always think of everything as a learning experience. Even in relationships, there is so much for us to learn. Experience is one of the best teachers in life and we also learn best with experience. We should keep in mind that it is alright to make mistakes. An effective learning experience isn’t about making or doing all things right. There is also learning from making mistakes. The same goes for any relationship. There are so many things we and our loved ones can try out in order to make our relationships last. We will not know which things will work and which will not if we don’t try them out. In all of these things, there has to be understanding, cooperation and communication before trying things out. We should let our loved ones know what we think of doing and what we think about our relationships. Of course, surprises can be a fun part in a relationship but we as partners know best how our loved ones react and think of surprises. Thus, use surprise with discretion and in moderation.

In a relationship, don’t be afraid to make mistakes or to try out different things. Variety is better in a relationship than consistency and monotony, which can lead to boredom. We need to break free from the “usuals” in our relationship. We can always find new places for dates, vacations, and bonding. We can find alternatives to usual bouquets and chocolates for gifts. We always find something new for our relationships if we are just open and not apprehensive about it. So go ahead, and try out something new in your relationship.

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