The majority of people want to be in love with someone or something.   Love can hit a person like a lightning bolt for a short period of time, you never saw it coming, and this is the most venerable time.  But, what if love comes in a different type of packaging?  Should I open or close my heart to love?  And, should I explore all the possibilities of love?

But, what if love comes in a different type of package?  Most people are taught by others what love is, and what it should feel like.  When the heart starts to pound away, confusion and feelings set in.   To act on these feelings may or may not be wise to do.  To dream of the presences of love and visualize it does make it come true to a certain extent.  Then, the thought arrives of: “What was I thinking?”   And, forget about it.  Then, one day you meet and fall in love with someone or something.  It happens.  That dreamy visualization of love appears, and there is something that feels different.  It looks different, too.  It’s not what I expected, but, what happens when love comes in an unexpected package?  Should I open up the unexpected package?

Should I open or close my heart to love?  We all dream of being loved by someone or loving something.  But when the unexpected package is a disability, ethnicity, a martian that’s out of this world or something’s wrong with it.  We might just miss the opportunity to be loved, experience being loved, loving someone or something else.   When we put out filters to filter out what is bad or good (which is taught to us by someone else), we just may lose out on the opportunity of love.  Sometimes we date either exclusively in our own race, gender, etc. because we feel safe that no one will judge us.  In fact, it does happen.

To date exclusively is like a security blanket.  It keeps a person entangled of what not to let go in life, what to explore in real life and how to learn about true- self.   But what if for one day, one month or one year or one decade, we decide to love someone else different other than ourselves?  The universal trick says if you want love, we’ll find it for you, but there may be one catch, the person is a little different than yourself.  If we choose to love ourselves and accept ourselves we can find true love.  A person can open up their hearts to love in the world and in the universe.  When a person chooses to explore life’s possibilities of love, one will know what he or she wants and what he or she does not want.  Most people go by what someone else has taught them.  They teach what we should and should not like applying their filters and not our own life experiences filters.  Life should be experienced by your life experiences and not by someone else’s life experiences.

Should I explore the possibilities of love?  You can have all the people to tell you who is right for you and who is wrong for you, but what is right for you?  The only way you know if it is the right thing for you is to drop all the filters of society and go explore the journey of love for yourself without hurting others or invading others spaces.  If it does not work out, now you know what it feels like to let the feelings of rejection, anger, love, and loss to wash through your body without reacting to outside circumstances.  The reality is felt and not fantasy.  The next time, you see a romance movie or see a hot romance on the street, you will know what exactly it’s telling you, is it real or fake.  You will know the lie and the truth in love and true love.

Real true love is accepting you where you are all the flaws, the mistakes, taking care of yourself, loving yourself enough to drop the filters (of the mind, body, and the spirit of self),  and go explore the world. You can easily explore by just sitting with people and learn how humans really interact with each other.  Love is an experience of the emotions within the self that radiate on the outside.  Give up the filters and go experience your true self.  Open your beautiful heart to love, now.

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