Most people think they display their true self in daily life.  But, many people may or may not realize that we mimic other people or especially the people we wish we could be like.   It’s like stealing a play from someone else’s play book.  But, have you ever taken an inner journey?   Have you ever romanced the real you?

To go on a journey is exciting.   But, has anyone ever taken an inner journey of oneself?   If a person takes a mirror or their phone and look into it, the reflection goes on continuous.  But, what is the boomerang effect that comes back from the world and the universe?  The mirror or the phone shows an image that we see inside of us.   Sometimes the feedback is not what we expected.   Now, do we really like what we feel and what we see?  The mind is like a mirror.  It reflects what comes back.  We label things as we experiences life.  If a person desires romance in their life, one has to set out to find the true self.   We attract other human like ourselves.  This is the true mirror of ourselves.   We decide if we want to truly be with them or not.  But one could say, “Is the real issue me?”  If we were to romance ourselves first, we will see what is really inside and reflects our true nature to the outside world.

 When a person is exposed to the real self, some things we may or may not like.  Sometimes we see dating as bad, or say, “I’m just bad at romance.”  But, does it reflect me or them?   To recognize this, this is the start of real true change.  This is how we begin to reflect on what we really want out of life.  Most romances never turn out like the movies or TV shows, but why?  Most romance or dating cues are either indoctrinated or picked up from family, friends or social groups, and the people we really hang out with.  Romance starts with finding the real you.

The real self starts within the heart and mind.  First, you have to get down and dirty by opening up yourself and expose the raw you to yourself.  If you want to learn about the real you and how you see real romance, you should have a conversation with yourself.  There is no other sound like the sound of your own voice.  Ask questions of why do I sound immediately say this or that?   Why do I respond this way to certain situations?  Then, think back on your life and ask the question:  Where did it come from?  Write your response down, and put it away.  Then, go back at a later date and read it.  Once you do, romancing the real you can be wonderful! Just watch the world open up to you.

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