If we’re going to talk about living and seizing the moment, we will always remember the words of a character  whose name is Niel from the movie, Dead Poets Society when he said, “I went into the woods because I wanted to live deliberately. I wanted to live deep and suck out all the marrow of life… to put to rout all that was not life; when I came to die, discover that I had not lived.” The phrase will surely tell us a lot about creating a relationship that will last and learning how to cherish the moments in our lives.

Stop Waiting and Start Living

It is true that all we want to do is to live life fully and then we fail. Sometimes we fail because we are too busy in getting ready instead of living. We are very preoccupied on preparing for the future without noticing that we haven’t been present on what is really happening. We need to stop waiting for the next days to happen when there is a life that we need to DEAL TODAY. We need to take the courage to say YES to life at the very moment we have it.

Stop Making Excuses. Owned Your Mistakes

Sometimes making excuses is in our nature. When we fail in our career or in our life, we tend to look for someone or something to blame. This should be avoided. If we really want to live our life, then we need to start acting like mature individuals and start owning our own mistakes. It is through acknowledging our mistakes that we can reflect on our lives and start moving forward.

Make Time and Cherish Time

There is no such thing as “I have no time for that” if we really want to seize the moment in our life, then, we need to MAKE IT HAPPEN! We need to make room actively for what is important and what really matters. Don’t be succumb by work when the reason that you are working is your family.  Avoid the dangerous pattern and make time, once you have it, be sure to cherish each moment.

Never Miss An Opportunity With a Loved One

Our loved ones are the most important people in our lives, we should not take them for granted. It is so hard to find the right people that will stay through the toughest of times. The time and memories we have with them should be treasured because they won’t be with us forever. Don’t wait for the time that you will regret not being able to attend your child’s soccer play or greet your partner a happy anniversary. Spend time with them because it is the WHO that matters and not the WHAT!

Be present on the moments in your lives and you will be amazed how this will impact your whole life. Open your doors to your loved ones and for the people that really matters. Yourself is part of a whole puzzle, make sure to do your part.

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