Carpe Diem

Carpe Diem is full of romance set in the 1980s and featuring classy southern author Julia Evans and her artful blue collar biker friends at a local hang-out called the Red Barn. Curious New York city slicker and publishing tycoon, Thomas Bartholomew crosses the path of the beautiful, famed southern author Julia Evans. Thomas, who has been divorced several times, loves his Mercedes and hates his neighbors’ free-roaming Pomeranian. Now he’s on a mission to get Julia to work for his publishing company. After raising two boys alone—having been divorced from her ex-husband James for several years—experiencing hard times, Julia tries to resist Thomas’s calls for love, which sets him on a risky affair to a small town to Onslow County in North Carolina. An event sends Julia over the top, and the advice of her best friend, Millie, sends Julia to become an adventurous gal. Seize the moment!


“We didn’t get a chance to show Thomas
a bit of southern street justice.”

“Then the river of tears flows of lost love from Thomas and Julia. Then, warmth arouses in Julia and it Thomas as they embrace each other. They passionately kiss each other.”

“Don’t miss the very wonderful moments of your life. Take the time to challenge yourself to take the adventures in life to seize them. Thomas and I did. “You’ll never know until you try.”

If you want to seize the day, Carpi Diem is perfect for you.
Have a copy now and see what this book can give you!

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