Edna Stewart


“Writing and Art are my lovers.” —Edna Stewart

My passion for art is my true burning desire for the love of art. Art makes the world go around by thought provoking, shock, and passion for life to go see and do. Born in Charlotte, North Carolina. Writing styles were figured out early in my life In 1978 with a creative writing. My first poem “Armadillos,” in 1982, Published/ freelancer song writer, writer, author and artist of, realism poems, e-books, published books and art, owner Hey Girl Production & Storyboard Creations, I also attended the Harriette Austin’s Writers Conference, 2008 and 2011 University of Georgia, and studied at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh from 2008 -2015.

I have been compared to more notable artist such as William Faulkner Michelangelo, John Hubley (creator animator of Mr. Magoo), Miyamoto (creator of Mario, how he thinks creatively) and Jean- Michel Basquiat.

I am a true bold and daring lone star in the world; Edna Stewart resides in the Crystal Coast area of North Carolina She is also the author of The Call of the Christmas Pecan Tree. She continues to write, attend writers conferences, and build her own art business She started writing after a car accident.

You can check my other website at www.visualconceptartist-ednastewart.com

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