Are we sick of each other or is it romance?   Romance seems to be a common factor in some relationships.   Some people define romance as the embrace of a kiss, emotions that sweep a person off their feet or silence in a room.   But, what if it were the opposite like,  the outburst in traffic, the pass of wind to get your attention, arguments  or when the other half gets sick, and they pour out their guts to us?

We all send signals to the people around us.   Humans are creators with the higher mind. They can do strange things on earth for other’s attention.   It can be positive, negative or neutral.   A human can decide to set up their own barriers or boundaries, and show their own true style of love and romance towards someone.   However, sometimes it may seem as rejection, but we actually do want to communicate with them in some kind of way, just to feel recognized by them.

We all want that attention or someone to notice us.   For example, remember when you had your first crush or flutters of love or what you thought was love or romance?  You would dress to impress or do the unusual trick of pretending to trip and fall.   In your mind of a mini movie, you just wanted the person just to notice you and assist you in some way.  This is taking a chance on love.   But, it did not turn out the way we wanted.  Only the teacher noticed, others laughed, and the most likely person whom you wanted did not come to the rescue.  Now, we feel like a failure.

But, are we truly sick of each other?   No, we are only sick of ourselves.  Most people beat themselves up for going over the same mini fantasy movie and images in the mind.   At times, these mini movies and images make no sense to us.  Most do not fit into our reality.   If we would stop and smell the roses, life begins to make some sense to us.

For me, this is what ROMANCE really means.   It means to Ro- man- ce, translate to-   “yo!  Man!   See…yourself.”  You and I need to see myself, yourself and not someone else as be all of the romance.   If someone is to be the all of the romance in life, then we have no life of our own.   Therefore, it makes the relationship one-sided, not balanced, and not a healthy relationship.

Life is truly what you make it and love and romance is the same way.   There is no one textbook  or rules on how to romance, but it is of your choosing of what works for you and how you and the other person fit  into the type of love style and romance that is in the moments of life.

Love and romance is around us every day and all day.   We just have to choose to decide when we want to embrace it and accept it for what it is.   Mostly, if you failed at it, seize the day and have a laugh at yourself, and begin the day again.  Remember, we have to understand both sides of the story to combine them into one true love story that lasts forever.


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