Carpe Diem

Carpe Diem follows the intersecting lives of Julia Evans, a “classy southern author,” and New York City publishing tycoon Thomas Bartholomew. The novel is set in Onslow County in the ‘80s and follows Bartholomew as he first attempts to get Evans to work for his publishing company and then, as he falls in love with her, tries to woo his way into her heart.

Edna Stewart

Author and artist Edna Stewart is a Published/ freelancer songwriter, writer, author and artist of, realism poems, e-books, published books, and art, Blog talk Radio host of Movies to Love: Indie Films, owner Hey Girl Production & Storyboard Creations, a graphic, logo, and t-shirt design business and owner of a virtual store ES 1963 Clothing Store on The store specialty is her own art creations; she also attended the Harriette Austin’s Writers Conference, 2008 and 2011 University of Georgia, and studied at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh from 2008 -2015.



A Scathing Open Letter: Miss Edna or Mrs. Stewart?

  At one time in this country, people respected each other; a person’s name was his or her word and worth.  Now, in this country, this day and time, and I am referred to as Miss Edna and my spouse is referred to as Mr. Stewart. I went to a dental appointment and had...

Should I Open or Close My Heart to Love?

  The majority of people want to be in love with someone or something.   Love can hit a person like a lightning bolt for a short period of time, you never saw it coming, and this is the most venerable time.  But, what if love comes in a different type of packaging?...

Romancing the Real You? Inner Journey

Most people think they display their true self in daily life.  But, many people may or may not realize that we mimic other people or especially the people we wish we could be like.   It’s like stealing a play from someone else’s play book.  But, have you ever taken an...

If you want to seize the day, Carpi Diem is perfect for you. Have a copy now and see what this book can give you!

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